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  1. I don’t get it. What is that? A pump, right? So the pump does what? Pumps water from the front of the car and spits it back out at the same place? It’s either a pump or a Caotica Destructo Beam. Someone, please, educate me on this.

    1. manhood fail !!! ,if you don’t know what it is then your not a men ! it’s a turbo ( on the top) and an intecooler ( down ) you fag !

    2. To nuts and your idiotic reply ,
      1- You said Fred was not a MEN. He is one person , so its MAN. Not only are you an uneducated hick , but it is easy to see what is on your mind , MEN. I think you are the fag.
      2- In two sentences you made 7 errors in your grammer. What were you doing for the 3 years that you spent in grade four , sucking off your male teachers.
      3- If you look hard enough at the tin can that this loser suped up , you would see that you are totally wrong.

      In closing you are an uneducated , dick sucking , waste of skin. Now go and circumsize your sister by kicking your brother in the jaw. YOU FAGGOT.

    3. NoNuts: You’re just jealous! Cause I’m smarter! I’m cuter! And I speak much more gooder English than you!
      I admitted before in my comment above that I didn’t know what it was, so all you proved was that you’re a little wannabe troll that usually gets your ass beat and your lunch money taken away at school…by the kindergarten girls.
      Now STFU and gimme your milk money.

    4. Nuts is right. You’re a fag Fred, for not understanding what those are. We have the right to laugh at this ricer boy, but not you

    5. Fred you indeed are a gayboi. And iatepi you’re no better. You tried to make points with numbers and you yet put several different points inside each of them and that makes no sense. Shitty formation. You want to correct someones grammar yet you spell it as grammer. Go fuck yourself. You asked a question as well without a question mark, yet once again you think you can tell people how much better you are at grammar. And that last bit was disgusting and unnecessary and it put me under the impression that you are a 13 year old little bitchboi with pent up anger and aggression that you can only release online because if you do in real life you probably get the shit beaten out of you.

    6. It a fucking turbo you can see it right behind the air filter that is sticking up three feet above the car.. Anyways besides all the name calling and bullshit people had to look up to correct each other on there GRAMMER somebody should of told this guy how to install correctly like mounting the turbo on the fucking exhaust..

  2. Ok for you people that don’t know…this is a turbo. It is placed outside of the car because turbos perform better if they suck in cold air. It provides more oxygen in the cylinder and creates a better explosion for more power. Many people leave it under the hood where it sucks in hot air. I’m pretty sure this is probably just a car that stays on the track and not for normal use. I’d say this is a win.

    1. You are correct on your theory about cold air intake but as your theory on this being a track car I doubt it. For one it doesn’t have a roll cage. Two it has stock rims with common passenger type tires. Not ideal for high speed cornering and no light weight rims to reduce torque steer. Lastly, the huge hole in front where the hood was hacked up will create a ton of drag and affect top sped and aerodynamics. So… This is just a ricer fail.

    2. Gomd is right, this idiot should strap himself in to his home-made duct tape racing harness and drive this heap of garbage into a ravine somewhere. Waste of parts, waste of labor, waste of a picture upload. Well maybe not, lest we starve for our daily dose of lol’s and wtf’s

    3. with that turbo size on a small 4 cylinder engine like in that crx its probably set up as a drag race track not a road track. and that setup cost prob around $6000+ with all the work that had to be done. Looks like crap but could probably smoke most street cars at a dragway. Sotck wheels are small cheap and may be for towing/moving the car too. Also no need for a cage to drag race unless you can run under a certain time based on track rules. I would agree… WIN especially when he tools on some rich kid driving his dads BMW m3 or mercedes amg.

  3. Thanks Dante…you are win…and it sounds like this car is too. Safe to bet this car would easily beat out one of those flashy fart-burning “Fast and the Furious” types? LOL Would be a cool vid.

  4. The reason that the turbo is out of the hood is because it didn’t fit under the hood, and obviously, this person had no idea how to re-arrange things underneath the hood. My guess is this car won’t run well for long.

  5. this is someones attempt to build a fast car but it is a FAIL not only for reason already mention aerodynamics, hood scoops are what are usually used to bring in cool air.
    the biggest problem I see is hose length, with all that volume the turbo lag would be astronomical you’d step on the throttle, then wait a week for the pressure build up and give you any power ~not good for any kind of racing especially drag racing

  6. So no ones noticed that the turbo won’t get enough oil fed to it? Or the fact that the only mount for the turbo is the manifold with no brackets or supports? It’d be fun watching that car try and get any speed, before the turbo snapped off and went through the windscreen….

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