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  1. ha ha ha ha good enough for the fuckin idiot!hopefully the guy takeing all the shit that he was spinning on his truck left his brainless ass right there

  2. Blowing your tyre out in water and mud, that’s a new level of fail several floors above getting stuck there in the first place.

  3. Why the hell were they driving on an already wet beach, how did they even end up in water? And then to think that they thought spinning yours wheels to get unstuck was a good idea, let’s just lower the car a few more inches til’ it hits water guys! Then it’ll really be fucked! WTF? Retards! They deserve it…For a second I thought they’d be smart and use the truck to tow the car out! WTF Apparently not! O_o Well now you have no car. I think it was a teenager.

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