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    1. Black folks have some GREAT creativity it seems as shown in some of their wild doos…would be nice to see a black artist applied their skill on canvas though. Very odd, either way…thumbs up.

  1. I think that’s kinda cool and creative. I mean it’s not messy, nor is it out of place, its not messed up. I looks Cool and unique. 🙂 It’s more a Win. The sender is the EpicFail. Lol. I like this photo, seems many do as well.

    1. You just sound so ignorant and uneducated and if u had any dignity and respect for yourself you wouldn’t have posted something like this

    2. lol..this is funny…. oh white folk the true pale bodied, small dicks of society. Thats why a black guy is fucking your wife

    3. get over it lash and yo racism aint even an insult anymore, where all mixed anyways who cares, words r words martin Luther king jr. is dead (R.I.P) let it go other races do it too god! Human beings suck anyways

    4. @yo mama

      You are so full of shit. I guess you don’t know who Ron Jeremy is. Just another ignorant nig. This is why you were the white mans bitch for years and still are.

    5. Racism should be a thing of the past. We should be like, “Apartheid. What is that?!” And if u can not comprehend the fact that all humans are the same I pity u, because the intellect of 1’s self is determined by their Perseverance to become greater. Ur stuck in a dark pit and need help. God be with u!!

  2. this is fucking awesome i wish my hair could get cut into a style like this!! ugh i wasnt i born black!! i cant stand being white anymore >(

  3. We’re the clowns of society but a 2 foot half purple mohawk wit 76peircings in ur face and ear lobes the size of hula hoops with spacely space sprockets wedged in them… Now thats screamin classy!!! GTFOH Epic Win. Ask urself who the real clown prince idiot is.. us or the uuber rich suburban white kids following the style fashion trend and even dialect patterns of so called clown uneducated impoverished broke idiots??? the stock U come from sir is the most magnanimous fail ever recorded is world history..

  4. Oh god……Black people and their thousand fails ( not being racist) , but yeah…I guess they have no other choice, it’sd understandable right?

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