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  1. I’d say waste or taxpayer resources fail. It’s pretty clear that she’s fucked up, so why spend so much time with your thumb up your ass playing alphabet and counting games for your own amusement. Get back to work.

    1. Bull. At 2:07 he looks over and smirks at the camera. It’s just for his own amusement at that point, considering the camera already witnessed her making a mess of the alphabet.

    2. LOL Bet this has happened to you before huh Diligent? No wonder you’re so pissed. Still damn funny. Dante is right though…but why not have a little fun on the job while recording evidence? Better than dealing with a crabby ass cop in my opinion. LOL

  2. Here in Australia, you blow into a tube connected to a machine that determines how drunk you are, it’s called a Breathalizer and is very effective and takes only 30 seconds for the copper to know how drunk you are. I thought Amercians knew about this machine???

    1. NO!Stupid dumb ass.They do this little road test to determine whether the drunk in question needs to go on to the next step,breathalyzer.Even I know you idiots do that and I’m Canadian.Fucking retards.Like Australia we use the breathalyzer on the spot,we don’t do ABC’s or play counting games.

    2. Sounds aboot right…plus our constitution gives certain rights and they can refuse the breathalizer, the field sobriety test is another way of gathering the evidence needed to charge. Most people that are intoxicated think they will somehow pass this part, they KNOW they can’t fool a breathalizer. By the by, eh, how’s aboot you stay out of our country, eh? Noone wants your waffles, maple syrup, mediocre hookers, dickish frenchies, or shitty cigarettes. We have the resources we need and we trade with other countries for what we don’t have. SUCK IT!

  3. umm alcohol doesn’t do that to you. she seems to be having some kind of acute neurolgical episode. minor aneurism or stroke.

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