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    1. Because you were the first comment and said first and not something that actualy matters, you pretty much have no life and rule the lowlifes

  1. why is this a fail. dose not look infected or anything. it might be stupid but the body modificatio is not failing in any way.

    1. hahaha when are these faggs gonna get it, we aint looking at ya cuz we think you’re cool.

  2. Stars are gay enough when they’re tatted. This retard got it embedded in his flesh. I knew dumb skanks on here would find it “sexy” because you’re so desperate for cock you don’t care what douchebag you try and get it from. Fucking idiots.

    1. You’re so fcking right. All i can say about this pic is already said.. well.. at least he’s creative??

  3. What I want to know is what are people like this gonna say when their grandkids wanna know what all that is about. This and tramp-stamps.

  4. Epic body Modification WIN c:
    You guys talk shit about this, but you don’t even realize who this is.
    He’s more successful than you could ever dream to be. You’re on this website trolling around talkin’ shit about somebody who is a little different. You know what? He is the visionary for implants. He discovered them, made his own tools, and own silicone pieces to be inserted under the skin. I, myself have an implant. So why you’re trolling on this website sitting in your trailer remember that he is spending millions doing something he loves.

    1. I’m with you on this one, he is apparently the loser for daring to be different, yet all the trolls spending hours of their day on here are the “cool kids.” It beggars’ belief to be honest.

  5. Hmm…compensating for something there i believe.
    Whats next? Chop your fucking hand off and pierce the stump? Have different accessories to stick on the end…your car keys maybe?

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