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    1. this bitch needs that sculpting puddy they use when someone get in a bad car crash and the family still once a open casket.

  1. dont give him shit for being different im sure most of you wouldnt have the balls too be. open up ur tiny close minded minds and stop talking shit! fuckin retards

  2. Yea! scene kids all the way!
    But honey (yes i know your a guy), you need to practice applying makeup before you leave the house in it, your eyeliner is a bit sloppy :[

  3. Hey Victoria, the Japanese lollypop up the top has the balls im sure. But these people here also have the right to criticize. Looking different is one thing, but painting yourself to identify with a group just for the sake of being outside the status quo so they can justify their reclusivity and shit shit social skills is another. Some of the hair in the ’80s garnered enough facepalming for a generation but these ones are glutton for future embarrassment!

  4. Ok so if this is really just a guy who is “scene” then why does his makeup go out to a point like girls do it? I say have fun with what lifestyle you choose, but keep it within your gender unless you’re homosexual. Wear eyeliner, but damn don’t get so happy with it.

  5. Sorry that is not a dude.. That is just a REALLY ugly chick… Dude’s don’t do the insanely ugly duck face and dudes have an adams apple….

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