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  1. why do ppl keep doing that? is their life expectancy than just a couple of years? imagine your grandma with that lol

    1. Still can’t figure out what “loyalty” has to do with a pair of ghetto tits. As for life expectancy…next time ya see her chest may be from a morgue pic. They die just as fast as they procreate.

    2. aah, its to recognize them faster at the morgue xD

      maybe they are loyal to their pimp lol?

    1. No one wants this faggot here anyways he doesnt have anything to contribute, and hes a racist attention whoring troll. I dont see whats so funny in making someone generally angry.

  2. Is this from Jacksonville? I saw this chick at the mall yesterday! (they sag a helluva lot more in person…)

  3. Why do so many woman have boobs like this? I just don’t get it. I like to call them “Orangutan boobs.” I mean to these woman slouch their shoulders constantly or something? I’m a gamer so I obviously don’t have perfect posture, but my boobs are so perky I can’t even hold a pencil under them. I just don’t get it.

  4. Omg…her boobs arent even bad!
    She prop a mom who has breastfed…people are so silly.
    Real women have stretch marks and thier boobs sag..its called gravity you idiots.
    I hate to break it to all of you…your wife/girlfriends or your own boobs are going to eventually sag and get stretch marks as you get older and have children…such a lame fail!

  5. Whoever put that on her chest was definitely not loyal to anything but the money she paid him or she lost a hell of a bet

  6. wow….Shes wicked loyal alright….letting her titts hang out all over town. That’s real decent….and loyal…..not

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