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  1. Way to go asshole, you just gave the shark diarrhea! And probaly Hepatitis C. And… ummm, I guessing some as-yet-to-be diagnosed strain of herpes. Look, just stop touching shit and sit down.

  2. Will make a cool scar.
    He doesn’t have to tell anyone the dumbass way he got it.
    Just that he was bitten by a shark.
    I wouldn’t mind a nice shark scar myself.

  3. maybe a tornado ! and i mean a mom-i-shut-the-door-and-lock-it-mom-its-hailing-golfballs-ok-mom-im-staying-in-oh-my-gooooood-its-ripping-stuff-appart-oh-my-god-its-coming-hard-its-coming-down-hard-if-you-could-see-that-OH-MY-GOD!!!!-TORNADO!!!!TORNADO!!!! – kind of tornado.

  4. Im going to lmao when they catch that shark in the future and test its blood only to see it tested positive for seven STD’s

  5. dont get close to his mouth??? u dumb shit ur suposed to hold them close as to ther mouth like an inch away. do u know y???SO THAT DOSENT HAPPEN fucking hell im 14 and know more then u but it probbly dosent help that ur a yank…btw i dnt hate all yanks but comon we would b better with out u

    1. You would be better with an education. I suggest putting an emphasis on English and spelling. This guy made one error, you, in your comment made more than that in your first sentence. FAIL.

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