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    1. No, he was like this from birth! I remember the news stories about him. I think he’s in the Guinness book of records as “heaviest baby” or something like that. This is a genetic anomaly.

    1. Yep. My brother had a thyroid problem at birth and was like this all his life. He was born just after all that DDT spraying that they did in the early fifties. He died just before his 24th BD. Doctor said he had a liver like a 70 yr old man that had drank all his life. Thyroid problems can really screw a kid up.

  1. Whats the big deal? he looks like a regular american to me, fast food eating lazy people, this is in the news because is not very common to see a chinese kid that fat, but we are used to see most of americans fat so no one says anything anymore…

    1. @J.I.G. And what “fine” nation do you come from? Let us Americans have a good laugh.

  2. I don’t care if the shit head made noise when he doesn’t get his food, I’d do all I can to get him back to his normal weight. The parents simply don’t care.

  3. a week after they finished making this news presentation the kid went to visit its relatives in Japan and fell off the plane… we all know what happened next.

  4. “ummm doctor whats wrong with my kid?”
    dr. “looks like he is over weight”
    “so what do we do?”
    dr. “quit feeding him dumbass”

  5. I’ll tell you whats wrong with him..

    6 friggin’ bowls of rice, and not denying him any food..THERE’S your damn problem!!

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