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    1. The shorter side of the bridge could be on the other side, and this side could be taller

  1. big trailers arch up in the middle so they level out when theres a load on so they would have made it had they put a couple fat bastards in the trailer,,,SuperJeck you could have left a comment on the pic,I think I will start a last in all the comments but then somone might reply last therefor making me next to lasthmmm

    1. Only “flat bed” or “step deck” trailers are arch or bowed in the middle. If a box or dryvan or refer were bowed in the middle to compensate for weight then every time they were loaded or unloaded the walls would ripout. This is just a dumb ass that was going too fast and not paying atention.

  2. Illiteracy at it’s finest (both signs). Driver probably dropped the air bags on the tractor to get the first half under the bridge.

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