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  1. She’s asking the wrong people (venture capitalists).

    Only Harry Reid is stupid enough to spend money on something like this.

    1. the worst part is, if you were to take air from mount everest, the differences in the air pressure would cause the jar to shatter….. so ummm no not even harry reid would do this.

    2. @Snipper303 if you got a thick enough jar, it would hold. But the jar would likely weigh about 20 pounds just to get 1 quart of air.
      I’m sorry, I have to issue a total bitchslap to her plan. If you’re claiming that pollution is undesirable for your product, why capture from European cities? Wouldn’t you want to capture from the countrysides? In addition, are you not becoming part of the problem, shipping glass jars all over the world? Also, if ‘negative energy’ is an issue, could your product not become contaminated with this negative energy in transit? The last I knew, glass is not a barrier for transfer of energy. In addition, could this product not constitute a health risk? When you transport air from around the world, you may be transporting diseases in this air. Can you guarantee a bottle of air from the Congo won’t have Ebola? Can you guarantee a bottle of air from India won’t have Smallpox? I’m sorry, “Share the Air” is a complete and total disaster of a scheme that is not only stupid but quite literally unsafe.

  2. just laying it down, kind of pisses me off, with ditzy people not making sense, people travle for the different senery,the experince, the people, the different cultures. Not for the effing air!!!

    1. She thinks that people travel for this mystical energy and life force in the air. Of course there’s no scientific basis for this claim.

  3. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha. out of all the retards, she scores pretty high. she might just take the cake

  4. Looks like this girl failed at school, secondly the only money she needs to invest is in shoes. Her feets are disgusting to look at.Someone crover those monster ups.

  5. I swear. With every second of this over the top, hippie, artsy fartsy bullshit I watch, I turn slightly more republican…How goddamn motherfucking stupid and out of touch w/ reality can a person possibly be…?? Why does everything have to be so f*cking extreme?! Its like everyone’s either fat Fox news loving fucks waving guns around or they’re f*cking strung-out, drum circle, pothead losers. FUCK this shit. Where’s the goddamn middle?!?!?

    1. I said the same thing. I was like “Excuse me, does one of those jars says Atlantis? As in the legendary underwater city? Yeah, good luck with that.”

  6. seriously, wtf? i feel the need to post something up on here from the amount of insane shit i just heard, how can you sell a non tangible thing, like air, which is free? or to make it better, air from the top of mount everest for $10k? seriously, what possessed her to have this idea, im sure there are many more ideas besides trying to sell something that is free to the public……unless of course she was high for a week straight, which would explain the hand written slides and the clothes she was wearing. unless she did this for entertainment purposes, seriously, what the f***???

    1. Water is free and yet people pay all sorts of money for water from all over the world. When in most western countries the water from the tap is scientifically the same. Just because something is free don’t think for a moment that some marketing person isn’t trying to figure out a way to get you to buy it. Personally i watched this and i wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t already have a website and was selling these like hot cakes. I think the price tags she’s talking is a little unrealistic but the idea/premise is enough with some good marketing to get people to open wallets. Never underestimate how stupid people are. And never underestimate how easily they can be convinced that they NEED something new when they have everything.

      I also think instead of selling air she should sell dirt.

      I’ve personally collected vials of dirt from every major place (major being a personal decision) i’ve visited, beats magnets for the fridge.

    2. Sadly enough, I collect dirt from the places I’ve traveled and place them in baby food jars. I also collect stones from those places that I set inside the jar with a scroll from whence it came.

  7. Absolutely ridiculous! Besides the presenter being the obvious IDIOT, the other would be whomever deemed this worth $500,000 and ACTUALLY thought it would sell. Really? If you want to remember Madrid why not revisit Madrid? I think i’d rather pay the $1,200 for the flight than whatever ridiculous price for a jar filled with air. I’d like to ask this much, how would they know if the air in the jar is any different from the air in another location? Bunch of shit.

  8. just leave her alone, its not that good of an idea but given the chance she’d be way nicer to all of you than you are being to her. And at least she came up with an idea that she believes in and is trying to make it happen, as opposed to commenting on other peoples ambitions and calling them stupid. Whats wrong with a couple of hippies making money and buying air if it doesn’t even affect you?

    1. Nothing wrong with hippies trying to sell stuff, let’s not forget the ‘pet rock’ and how that made some money in it’s day.

  9. YES! Air IS good! Genius! LOL I guess I’ll settle for the plain ol’ air that helps me to live, pretty good stuff if you ask me. Oh and Charlotte, did you forget what site you’re on?

  10. Ya… with wind blowing air from here to there we already share the godammed air . and she tries to sell it.. poser hippy…

    1. don’t forget that the plants exposed to air from nepal will produce air with even MORE energy, bumping that ‘total percentage’ even higher.

    1. Be careful, she might try to stick some air in you instead of you do something similar to her 😛

  11. I got a better idea, have women of all types (age,size,race) queef into a jar and sell that. Worked for used panties… why not queefs? I’m sure the Japanese have probably already thought of this.

  12. Her real name is Rachel Cherones. The whole thing was a prank, and thank you all for making me laugh that much harder while I read some of your rants about hippies and why the world sucks so much. Well, it still sucks, it’s just not her fault.

    1. This is the only explanation. There were so many ‘convenient’ errors. vacuum seal the air, black and white presentations, percentages, atlantis, etc.

  13. Ok so someone help me out here. she says vintage air, being the year it was jarred? uuummmmm is there any jarred air yet. i dont think so. <——- enough said about that. also jarred air from mt everest. correct me if im wrong but isn't air almost non existent at the top of mt everest? Oh and not to mention the lost city of atlantis uhh its under water so good luck with that one too.

  14. I read that if you live in the northern hemisphere, chances are that a certain percentage of the air you’re breathing once passed through the lungs of Socrates… this goes to show that air doesn’t just stay in one place and thus her theory is not just retarded but fundamentally flawed also. That presentation pissed me off so much, I almost decided that I wouldn’t have sex with her. Almost.

    1. Next great idea.

      Pipe water into peoples homes and charge them for the most abundant and free resource on the planet.

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