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    1. I can’t figure it out thou, if i find a pseudo-athlete I’ll have to ask what happened lol

  1. if it were’nt for leaving red marks it would be a good temporary show,for LH it leaves marks when removed to look like he has a six pack abs

  2. Not only is this product a fail. I think in the little circle picture I see a set of shaven balls……please let me know if I’m just seeing things.

    1. I was thinking it looked more like a puffy vag. Sorry, I prefer to see the female anatomy rather than male when I am imagining body parts.

  3. That guy is holding the TV remote inverted. Now, you see, I am the FIRST to identify the FAIL correctly. Although I understand this picture is a MULTI-FAIL.

  4. whew!!! so funny is this humor?or just amking fun of this dude?lol ohh man just hurting your self by putting that on your abdomen 😀 blah heheheh .. 😛

  5. Has anyone seen the first Resident Evil?
    There’s just one scene that won’t get out of my head due to this picture.

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