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  1. One looks like hes gotta shit, one looks embarassed to be in the pic, one looks gay, and the girl in the blue screams “i took this kids virginity and now im going to dump him, take this picture and put him on”

  2. What’s so fail about this. This is what the new gansta is don’t you know. Scrawny an fat suburban white kids wishing they were cool.

    1. I think he was talking about the guy in the middle. Still, it sounded pretty bad…

  3. u fucking retards ur not cool u guys need a reality check nd i dnt know how in the hell the fat poser got the chick with the big knockers

  4. ok this isnt an epic fail if the people where just playing about the pic of them acting like gansters.its obvious tht there really not

  5. i actually was expecting more jokes and comments about that girls breats…you guys( and ladies of course) are really disappointing me 😀

  6. If i could pass one bill in congress, id make hunting wiggers legal. Fuck conservation! No season limits!

  7. You can’t be a pasty, white, fat bot and be a gangsta at the same time… But the little broad in the blue has my attention in a positive way.

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