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    1. Well I don’t know where you’ve been living but what I know is that I already pulled this prank on some friends when I was about eight years old.
      But as a matter of fact I used mustard instead of horseradish.

    2. That’s because Americans have too much time in their hands….C’mon C’mon Time to work ! * TypicalBritishAccent*

  1. Fuck all British people! You’re just jealous because we kicked your asses 250 years ago!). AMERICA ROCKS!! WE RULE THE WORLD!! WE’RE THE WORLD POLICE!!! You are ALLLLLL MY CHILDREN NOW!!! MWUAA HA HA HA HA!!!! And we’re bringin back slavery but we’re going to make the British our slaves! (all black people get their first British slave for free!). Feel free to kill them!

    1. You realize that america was founded because they got kicked OUT by british officials right? You’re aware of that information, yes?

  2. you know whats funny american psycho one day china will answear our call and kill all of you fat american cunts

  3. you know what when all the oil in the world runs out the world will be in complete peace and harmony because america will have no one to fight with PS…… China will fuck america up anyday there are close to 25 million people in the chinease army alone so youre pretty much fucked unless u pussy out just like vietnam and you had to drop atom bombs to win ww2 PPS….. Take that you redneck american psycho faggot hahahaha

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