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  1. Everyone who complains about chips or snacks being all air is a moron. The bag isn’t sold by how full it is, it is by weight. That bag says 7 ounces. That may or not be 7 ounces of product.

    1. so package the 7 oz in something appropriate dont put 7oz of food into a bag that could fit 100 oz lol!

  2. So you don’t mind the apparent “mind fuck” towards the consumer?And to you,J,2 tenths of product and 8 tenths of air is “A” okay in your minute brain?I wanna shove those cheese curls down your thin lipped,Mongoloid tongued yap.I take my cheese curls very very seriously,or lack there of.

    1. Now…don’t…don’t…don’t panic! Just try to relax and take slow, deep breathes. It’s going to be okay.
      Quick! Somebody get some damned Cheesy Puffs!

    2. That would be 1/5 and 4/5 you dumb bitch. You should remember that from grade school but you were probably too busy putting your fat hand in the chip bag.

  3. Yes my friends, we had to reduce the amount of snacks ( junk food) average american swallow everyday. It’s for your own health.

    1. Ten years ago everybody in the US was bitching about salt. Now you can’t buy anything to eat here without it’s loaded with sugar. And I never hear anything said about that. Still bitching about salt though. IMO sugar should be left for desert food.

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