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  1. and these brain dead cock slopping mall dollies should all be gagged, dragged off to joy divisions and turned into military fuck dolls….. support troops through already wasted warm flesh they can relieve stress on

    1. …wow that’s a little extreme… i thought u were going to say gagged and killed or put into the military so that they can be like extra bodies or shit. like decoy dummies but …wow well i guess they already do that sorta shit so might as well for the guys keeping us safe 😉 unless they have girls back home then f**k them

  2. Haha , she have the most readed blog in sweden ( I live in sweden ) I mean that whos holding the camera and her blog name is: Kissie 😛

  3. Is is just me.. or is there a bone growing out of her tit and into her shoulder? You know what?… She has a tit boner! False alarm guys!

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