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  1. That’s just a tiny taste of how she really sounds like…
    This is what i hate about music industry today..talent means NADA!!
    Only thing that matters is your look…and if your waist can fit inside a doughnut.
    What the H*ll happend to the real musicians?!
    were doomed…

    1. What the H*ll happend to the real musicians?!

      he got shot on stage at the alrosa villa in columbus,Ohio thats what happened

    2. wow. Ok…I’m in the recording business, and what you’re hearing is someone trying to use autotune or melodyne to try to tune someone who simply can’t sing – or even pretend to. She’s not even trying. If there were an ounce of expression in there you could probably at least SORT of fake the pitch. Instead we end up with this. Our current musicians ARE “real” musicians. Just because you don’t like the style, or instruments they play doesn’t make them any less authentic. It would surprise most people just how much autotune and other processing is used in “real” music. Listen to “californication” and see if you can find the autotune.

  2. Ya know I would like to see all of you haters try something this heroic. Rebecca Black is just a nice girl that got misrepresented by a couple of tools. Given a real chance and a real producer with a real studio and a real voice instructor, she would do quite well. Heard the latest Britney Spears song? Talk about a nasally chipmunk! Give her a break already.

    1. fuck you you fucking idiot! ” Rebecca black is heroic and nice” shut the fuck up! You know nothing about music you piece of shit. Kill yourself, glue your fucking head to the bottom of your bathtub and run the hot water!

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