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    1. Nope. Open up your eyes next time, shes ugly as all hell. Sure, she looked beautiful before all the mods and tats, now she looks retarded. Fail to sweetP for not recognizing a fail.

    2. I think she is beautifull, Its not her fault that the simple minded, ignorant people like hankstagangsta cant see beauty in uniquiness… Just because she is not your type of woman does not make her ugly.. .My guess is that you “hanksta” are one of the many shallow people that have trouble getting women because all you want are the ones considered “perfect”. I pity you hank for being so cruel about people that you dont even know and being so fast to judge on appearance.

    3. Actually, going through all of the trouble she has gone through to be “unique” is what makes her ugly. Pathetic attempt to change herself into some sort of sub-human creature stems from not liking how she looked before. Doing this is the act of a shallow creature. If you think you’d be better off destroying your face with idiotic modifications like this, then maybe you should find a hobby or something that you might be proud of…and stop dwelling on being an emo goth kid trying to be a “non-conformist” by conforming to emo goth kid freak standards.

  1. I am into a few piercings and tats, they are sexy. That is too much though. That said I would bang her just to know what she was like in the sack. Super Freaky? or Totally shy?

  2. God it must be awesome to be a crack head that doesn’t have to have a real job…would love to see how idiotic (scary wannabe) I could make myself look while living off some trust fund.

  3. Well if you got a zit you couldnt tell cuz of all the tattoos on its face (im going to call it an it cuz i dont know if its a boy or a girl.)

  4. Imagine her going to a child’s birthday party or to a job interview. I would totally rather see her in a reality TV show than Jersey kids and the other cut and paste reality TV shows.

  5. As a parent look at this and think maybe they should have a return policy at hospitals cause this one is diffidently broken.

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