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  1. Maybe i’m just desensitized now but these pix use to be kinda funny…as in the lowest form of comedy available on this site but now I swear these girls are just taking pix like this on purpose knowing that the obese friend will get picked out intentionally same old corny formula…COME ON BITCHES WOW ME

  2. goodyear should star a clothing companie for people tlike this. I mean there blimps have to be replced at some point so the need to so somthing with the od blimps right

  3. Oh my GOD! I recognise the font of that sign and recognise a few of those girls. This is from New Zealand, University of Waikato, clearly they pinched a sign, but the punch line of this picture is the jolly whale.

    1. You know most of them that are talking bad about her are nothing but a bunch of jerks. They would not like if if they were that big and other people was saying the same rude crap about them. People need to grow the h**l up. I have a bunch of bigger friends and they are the best friends you will ever have. Big is Beautiful.

  4. I don’t get these pics as fails, are we supposed to assign our friendships accoring to body mass? I’m average height and slim, I better get on the phone and end my friendships with tall people, short people, big people, and people with curly hair or I might end up on this website.

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