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  1. First (me thinks) and yeah…I am doubting that she needs the practice. Seems she is good at what she does already.

    1. ___________________░▒▓▓▓▓▒░
      pedobear approves your first

    1. something a pervert would say. how does a shape up connects with playing with your penis? IM SURE YOURS ISNT BIG anyways but im just saying.

    2. I think you mean “This isn’t a fail, it’s a win for me. She can practice any time on mine.” =P Sorry, grammar Nazi.

    1. @Werwer: Your spelling so screwed I’m not sure that you didn’t mean dyke, instead of dick. Are you drunk? You know they will write you a ticket for TWI. Typing While Intoxicated.

    1. yeah you would have to be somthing other then a fat 40 year old sitting inhis moms spar bedroom. So yeah know you would not nail her.

  2. if im honest, thats a bit of a win! cos she is really going along with having the piss taken out of her!

    thumbs up for her tbh! good sport!

  3. Thank God we Americans came up with this retarded device so we can watch her sweet ass make that gesture. Too bad she won’t appear in Playboy. I hear she was offered a metric fuck-ton of cheddar to pop a tit.

  4. Don’t let that lezbo tell you what you like! You go right ahead and practice and keep having those good memories!

  5. WIN
    Kaley is sweet in tbbt and this just show how awsome she is, your my husbands one celeb he can bang so stay away from Aus

    Just kidding, maybe 3some. Oh and tell Ellen to go F%#@ Herself

  6. This is not a fail. Kelly is lucky she’s hot. Then it would have been a fail. But since she’s so steamy. It’s a total win. Especially for the Shake Weight.

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