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    1. his brain was already brken that is why he was willing to try getting off the roof like that

  1. this looks like it should be on a reel in black and white with the 1930’s cartoon piano playing in the background

  2. I dont understand. I did not see any leaks in the roof. if the roof did not leak then it dose not seem to me that it is a roof repair fail. maybe a jack ass worker failbu8t the roof is not leakig at all. well as fare as i ca see. thyey would have to show the inside of the house with waer stains to prove it isd a roof repair fail.

    1. if it was you might wont to think about killing your self becasue i am realy not that smart. if you do chose to end youre self post it on theync so i can watch it later

    2. dont.

      Yes, WERWER, you’re smarter than all of us.

  3. well linda here is the contact info ,ring them for advice , tell them gareth dain give you there number

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