Education Fail


People Fail

“Misspelled “Education” in a protest sign advocating for more spending on education.

This is from the “Invest in Texas” campaign at UT – Austin.”

Submitted by Tony M.

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  1. FIRST! And …. This is proof that texas needs to spend more on education, and whos really shocked texans cant spell?

    1. He didn’t care anything about the protest. He just wanted to be with his gay buddies to his left. He’s more interested in rubbing dickheads together with them than education.

  2. I know thee is somthing wrong with the sign I just not sure what it is. then again I was brought up in public schools so I guess its ok right

  3. Or it could be a clever sign, taking the mickey how little money he has had spent on his education. Could be a win rather than a fail!

  4. I think this shit was done on purpose to solidify their argument that they do indeed need to invest more on education.

    1. Yeah, you’re probably right. But, as we have seen before, the politicians will cut everything that doesn’t bother their constituency (government contractors) and then pat themselves on the back by giving themselves a pay raise.

  5. Protesters are gay, all of them. If you want better education, study somewhere else, and if you need more money, get a fucking job!

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