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  1. am i the only person that wonders were people like this bye there clothing. is there a wearhouse they go to or somthing. maybe a airplan hangr. I know what ever store it is is not more then a one storie building.

    1. Hey hey take it easy, who said oevrweight people were meant to be alone for the rest of their lives…Tssss how would you feel if people said that about yourself. eh

  2. This picture makes me wonder if its fake or just an oddly formed fat person. Having that much back fat boggles my mind. But this picture will forever be my inspiration to eat healthy.

  3. I am so happy that there is a site like this where fucktards can send pictures of random, unsuspecting people. You should at least post things that are funny.

  4. Is it really THAT hard for your stupid ass to get out of bed and walk 30 mins a day? Lazy, fat ass, mayo drinking snicker licker!

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