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  1. Not only is it bad …. but im pretty sure hes reading it off a paper. People should practice before putting that crap on the net

  2. He’s reading his rhymes like he’s been captured by terrorists. I half expected to see a couple of gun wielding thugs to step out and threaten his life: “If you ever want to see DJ Jackie Chan alive again…”

  3. 1:15 – 1:20 “The best!”

    Now Seriously, why the fuck ppl do this kind of shit of recording themselves being fucking stupid (like that motherf#%$* from “Pauly D Fail”? (Btw, Pauly D sucks too!)

  4. hahaha 0:50-1:00 get on yer bike mike!

    I like the way his only show of emotion was when he was swearing at us at the end

  5. I’m a soldier but I told’ya. the blood of the nation , the world domination.That shit is crazy,but I’ll make you lazyI’m the dark knight from this light will shine bright.They will make you learn,when I finish I’ll make you burn enjoy the show,I’ll mae it blow.Get in the bike Mike.I give a shout out to my producers John and Ben aafter they brought me to number 10.One day I will be number one and have some fun.I’m just a quick Leeboy sick and burn this brick yo … brick I.. was brick. I’m also friends with Lance.They give you one more chance.It’s all good at the end and I’ll end it by sayin g have a nice day you bitch. God I have no life.

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