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    1. Lemme guess, U uploaded this pic presenting U, and waited for it to be published. U kept pressing F5 to be sure U comment on your own pic FIRST. Am I right?

    2. nasty fat white boy wanting to be an even nastier black boy…..just crawl into a ditch and die loser.

    3. why do white people or if they aren’t white other minorities have to make racist comments??? like if you don’t like to see colored people kill yourself :-)! (allah)

    1. WAIT A MINUTE… mallmoney might have something here… but we ALL know fucking retarded failures reply A.S.A.P. – just take a look at like 98% of ALL the first comments ANYWHERE on this site. LOL

    2. of fucking course… except this fucking thread… TDUBZZ actually left a comment rather than just a STUPID fucking “first” (which is usually followed by some sort of insult – proving what I mean about retards posting first). Props to you, TDUBZZ.

    1. OMGOMGOMGI DIED laughing when I read this comment in the library!!! If this is a girl, then +1 for being awesome for commenting like that.

  1. This picture has been on the internet for a while now. Anyways he looks like he has some kind of mental problem.

    1. All these fucking doctors scientists here at (HAIL) – unbelievable… he’s NOTHING more that a fat kid posing a “Ima cool mo-fo” pose. LOOK at him… look into his eyes and see the expression on his face – I feel sorry for all you doctors on this thread – LOLOL… (fuck it) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHA.

  2. I had sex with that guy for $7.00 and a hot pocket last night. It wasn’t as bad as you’d expect (the hot pocket, that is!)

    1. You’re fucking disgusting! You’d actually admit on here that you eat Hot Pockets??!! You sir, are GROSS!

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