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    1. ths has to be in russia or some other european country. too bad he didn’t fly rigt over the cliff. human being fail.

    2. You have seen how the Russian drive? They flouring gas, and hold the wheel straight! And they do not speak with a British accent. Believe me, I know! I was Russian, and now I’m a professional.LOL

  1. Road was dry as hell, how did he manage to fishtail like that? And you would have stopped at that position to check what the fuck happened, maybe one of your tire is messed up after that much sliding. I wonder what you would have done….

    1. Erm nah Audi sucks dick big time, they all driven by people who think they something special when they basically just wankers.. like u R4 boy.

    2. Audi makes a bad ass sports car and this is a total win, watch him down shift while fishtailing. My guess is he just powered up a little too much on the back end and lost his traction.

  2. Good save? Are you people nuts? My mustang wouldnt even spin out like that around such a week turn in the rain. Not too mention he overcompensated at least twice trying to get the car back straight again. This should be a car/driver FAIL

    1. This is why i don’t like to drive, you have idiots on the road who think it is a Nascar race!

  3. have u guys ever thought he might have had a blow out on one of his tyres…could happen to anyone even driving normal speeds

  4. soo nobody noticed the scary voice on the song saying “be ready…your time is coming…(and finally just before he fishtailed)let your soul run free” i know it coukd be edited cuz of its perfect timming…but it seems legit…and if it is…that would be sum scary shit.

    1. Love those blue shells…they’ll chase ur ass down. Unlike those green ones that just go straight…lazy asses.

  5. This is an old video. This happened at 13-04-2008 on the A3 highway, Portugal.

    The guy was driving at 150km/h and it was an oil puddle on the road that made the car slides.

    He was filming because he was on the way to a trackday.

    The tires were “slick”, on a very poor condition

    After he stopped the car, he left out because he though the left / rear tire had blown up

    1. Now that’s a version of the story that i could believe. Thanks man. After all a comment that’s worth reading.

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