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    1. Rofl Allah is a “Homo”.. and so are you if u would turn down banging this chick for something as gay as dirty socks!

    2. hey hey hey!, i’d give anything to get a whiff of that chick’s socks and afterwards her nasty-smelling panties, damn! immediate hard on GaR-aN-Tee!

    3. @Allah is a Homo.
      You truly fail because you don’t grasp the english language.
      I stated “from banging a chick” not this chick in particular retard.
      if your dumbass would have got an education than talking shitz on the internet you would have noticed what my sentence meant.
      Damn no dick wonder.

    1. duh!
      yeah, neto you know, that s because of the blow job your mom gave me before. BOOM ! (i m so proud not to be your daddy)

    2. HAHAHAHAHA LMFAO! dude, blabla’s comment made my day! lol!
      Fail: Yep’s comment
      Win: Blabla’s comment

    1. @Allah is a homo… your just a jealous girl who has to pick out the smallest most insignificant detail about a hot girl to try and bring her down to your level of looks.. its impossible so cop on please 99% of the comments here are saying they’d hit that, be real.

  1. Well, I think she should clean her floor, but she’s still cute though! I don’t see a problem, she should just put new socks on and before that wash her feet! That’s all

  2. ohhhh noooo!!
    had you ever walked all day with your socks on? so if you’ve done it , you would understand that this is no a FAIL !!!

  3. Omg, you all must be 15 years old and virgins! How the fu** could you hit that? She must be like 14 and with that socks i cant think of her panty… But the comments are more disgusting than the chick herself

    1. We had a GREAT dinner tohignt and it was super easy! Did you know that Publix will steam shrimp for you when you buy it? So tohignt, I had them steam 1/2 pound of shrimp with garlic butter. Came home and chopped up fresh mushrooms, zucchini, and red onions and sauteed them in light olive oil then sauteed some grape tomatoes too. Served up with angel hair pasta and a garlic butter sauce YUMMMMMM

  4. You guys are fucking stupid, how does having dirty socks equate to having dirty panties?

    She probably went outside with only socks on or something, walking in a little dirt is a hell of a lot different than crusting your underwear up. If anything is fail in this post its the dumb commenters.

  5. this girl isnt even pretty shes just skinny you dumbasses… and if she cant even keep her socks clean what do you think her vadge looks like you fucking idiots

  6. wat tha hell is up wit those sockz…she doesnt even look like a great lay…u ppl all must be shallow

  7. @Allah is a “homo” –fuck you, you ignorant son of a bitch. Your name says it all, you’re the fucking homo.

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