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    1. Meh…I have met some pretty cool cops. Not ALL are douches. Besides…If we weren’t such idiots and morons to begin with we wouldn’t need cops now would we? LOL 😀

    2. A cop on *****(state) grabed a girl ( arrested girl) by her b00bs
      she is really traumatized

    3. they are also stupid when i go into ur house rape ur family and try to kill u, when that happens i guess u wont call the cops u’ll just call ghost busters or something

    4. A VERY valid point. 😀 Not like most of us have to put up with the crap like those in Latin American countries. One boob-grabbing cop does NOT spoil the lot, our cops deserve more credit than they are given.

    5. If you think our cops are bad…then move to Brazil or Mexico…then maybe you’d change your mind.

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