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    1. Your comment just looks like you vomited up a scrabble bag, but you were happy about it. Comment fail

    1. Hell yeah, God bless USA. Fuck all these bitches who talk shit about being brain washed, they are just mad because they live in a communist country

  1. Epic fail/mobile fail. Why can i never get epic fails new posts on my iphone? Im missing out on alot of fails! Please fix this!

  2. I love how other country’s military blunders are not shown so openly as Americas 🙂
    freedom forever lol.

    1. Except for the Blacks, Asians, Jews, Hispanics, Catholics, Gays and pretty much anyone.

      AAAaaaaah America

  3. Alot of these are guys goofing off during training ….
    Have you guys ever had to leave your familys for a year ? Gotta have fun somehow.

    You want a real military fail ? How about how everybody was getting owned in WW2 till the U.S. stepped in …

    1. Yeah…And now many folls from the countries we helped hate Americans LOL I know some Americans can be obnoxious……just like any other European…but come on. Oh well…>_<

    1. Then how come they want our military support in Libya right now.
      oh wait I got to serious on a fail sight.

  4. i like it………..i rather see them do this instead of acting like fruit cups dancing around like in other video …

  5. Kind of a failure of a video–some of those bits were complete wins.

    The guy dual-wielding M249’s–those suckers weight about 25 lbs apiece, and kick like a mule–most people have trouble aiming one with a bipod, much less holding them one-handed and firing them.

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