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    1. #1 why are they both bigger that their security guard. #2 I would pound both of those big bitches!!! As long as I got to pound em with the shoes and the dresses on!! From the back eith the dresses rolled up like rope, killin that shit!!!

  1. BTW!!! guy in the brown suit has one foot fatter than the other, they were supposed to throw some hoes, but all they got were hippoes, bachelor party agency fail imo, they should have contacted ark music factory or rebecca black maybe, they would have provided better .. you know what, i would also like to say, “oh america, you did it again!”

    1. He appears to have switched to coffee since these two arrived. Don’t want to get drunk and wake up with either of these two. Difficult to get away drunk and with a broke foot, too.

    2. one of the “prostitutes” probably stepped on his foot ….that’s what I think…and if I was one of those guys I would probably be very upset with the pimp….

    1. I agree with the other kid who commented……. and “crazy2” be respectful. No need for “negros” and the stereotype u put them as…..

    1. No! Wait! On closer inspection it looks like it might be a humungous gash. I need to copy this and magnify.

  2. I like how none of the guys are really watching. Even the due off the the far left looks like his face has the same expression as watching a horrible train wreck.

    1. the girl in the red might need to put her arms down though i think the guy in the brown with a cast can taste it and might throw up.

  3. The cost of material to make those fat chicks outfits, $800.00. The cost of the guys face in the background, priceless….

  4. Has to be a prank. Look how miserable they all look! The bride must’ve hired them do block the doors,so they can’t go to the strip club…


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