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  1. I don’t want to have anything to do with people like this. They are what is creepy and whoever cooked that cake. Freaky, creepy, cursed fucks.

    1. OMG ITS SHAPED LIKE A BABY who fucking cares i would love a cake like that its a joke you prude im going to kill a real baby just for you fred

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with this. I bet that before they cut the cake, everyone was like “awww it’s so cute”… Anyway, it’s better to cut a cake baby, than what you american girls do in your abortion clinics.

    1. yes american girls get abortions, girls everywhere else in the world just get stoned to death by their families

    2. Dude do NOT compare all Americans to those oxygen wasters on the Jersey Shore. I probably hate them more than you do and I’ve never seen one episode…enough said.

    3. it would be pointless of me to come up with a reply to Adrian over a year after the fact so I’ll just express my sincere hope that he is dead by now.

    1. Yeah… I am a SICK MUTHER FUCKER… and this shit kinda fucked with me!!! wow – didn’t think that was too possible!

  3. that cake was so freaky. it was like, greyish green inside xD. I wonder if it was for a baby shower or something and someone ordered a baby cake. It may look freaky to cut up a baby, but it’s cake once its in your mouth i guess!

  4. Now when you place an order for a baby cake do you have to specify a white baby,or is it simply understood that ALL baby cakes will be white? Would it be more or less creepy to see a room full of white people eating a black baby cake? Arrgh, I hate these short videos- I need answers!!

  5. My friend made one of these lifelike baby-cakes but accidentally forgot and used red-velvet cake on the insides… strangely, no one was hungry after that. lol

  6. My health class joked that, during our pregnancy unit, when the teacher gave us flour sacks, we would all come back with baby cakes. I HAVE FOUND MY INSPIRATION!!!!

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