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  1. I give her the red mushroom stamp of disapproval across her forehead! Hate cholas and their fugly-ass McDonald arhces eyebrows.

    1. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!That was funny Dog!Now,other KellyD get the fuck off my name bitch.

  2. this is one of those bitches that walks around lookin surprised and shit all the time! why shave ur eye brows off? dont people own fuckin tweezers n e more like us white girls….ugh what a piece of trash!

  3. I will suck your cock so hard my eyebrows will rise,my lips will puff up and both will stay that way forever.One dollah please.

  4. I’d chop cock off if i woke up and saw that….thing…beside me….ughhh fuckin looked at it again! Beer Be Bad!

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