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  1. the kid might have crawled in there itself, mine always kept trying to crawl into the one at my parents’ house b/c there was a pillow inside

  2. Wow. And they say spankings are Barbaric. How is that any worse than throwing them in a cage or using a leash on them like a freakin animal?

    1. AMEN!!! I would never put my child in a locked room or put them on a leash… and for those of you that say I don’t have rowdy enough kids to understand… I have two children with SEVERE ADHD and one of the two happens to be a twin….. STILL won’t cage my kids like animals or lead them around with a damn leash!! It’s called PARENTING people…. figure it out or give your child to a home that can take care of them…..

  3. Why in the hell would you put your damn child in a cage and then turn around and take a picture of him in the cage.

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