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    1. Go watch your pussy ninja turtles and STFU. When it comes to Star Trek don’t start no shit and there’ll be no shit.

    2. Love how all the nerds such as Fred take your comment seriously lol. star trek dick riders 😡 LOL

    3. I was joking. Just trying to see what kinda remarks I could provoke. I couldn’t care less about that pussy Star Trek cake or any comments put in these threads. Sometimes it’s just about startin’ some shit. HA!HA!

    1. What it is?

      *Grabs piece of aluminum*

      *wraps it around quickly*

      *presents you a falcon made of aluminum*


      I also do birthdays and that jew crap whose name I forgot.

  1. Starprise



    Not so much a fail, rather a sweet move to avoid copyright infringement. Or so id love to believe…

  2. hey knight its barmitsfa [boy] or batmitsfa [girl]
    my gf used to babysit for some jewish family
    kirk and spock were jewish
    oooops ! yep,, im a trekie. ” beam me up scottie “

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