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    1. Who is the Oompa-loompa on the left , those nasty fake orange tans , make her look like SHIT.

    2. i dont see the fail here…. tht guy is wat everyone looks like when they’re wasted… and btw a hangover show tht u kiked ass last nite!! lolzzz

    3. Somebody got waAay too excited about their new bronzer! Shame on her “friend” for not telling her about herself either. Lol

    1. No she just rubbed dookies all over her face
      but look at the dude he looks like totally screwed up or makin lobotomia lol

  1. Damn that bitch’s face is darker than the rest of her body and the guy looks mentally retarded. Why do girls think that tanning makes them look good? WHY?

    1. aparently she just couldnt tell how much she tanned herself, or if it was too much to just one particular spot (the face)…and the guy…your right, he just looks retarded

  2. the one in the middle is hot that makes it a win
    and the other one has great boobs
    these are the criterias

  3. Many fails here including the fact it looks like they are in a BATHROOM looks like they are in a bathroom..or is it just me ? LOL

    1. lol…ewwwwwwwwwwwww that bitch need someone to tell her she looks rediculous…what a friend for letting her look like that.i guess she wanted all the attention for her since she the one who look kinda normal…lol

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