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    1. Seriously…do girls think this is an attractive pose for the camera? I have heard more guys complain about it than like it xD

    2. And those nasty duck lips , are they stuck that way from sucking off her math teacher.

    3. @Allah is a homo:

      How about you shut the fuck up and show your face, you keyboard thug? I dare you go up to a Muslim in person in real life and say that shit. PUSSY.

    4. Already done that boy. They dont have the balls to stand up and fight me without some kind of explosive device. I call those muslim fags out to there face any chance I get. . . your name says it all Internet Thug , or should you call yourself , Mommas Basement Bitch. Now go crawl back into your boyfriends room , and beg him to slam your fat worthless ass you man-meat sucking goof.

    5. Internet thug:

      Nice come-back! fag.

      Why do some women think its cool to look like an STD infected whore like snookie??

    6. @allah is a homo I doubt it. Judging from the state of her forehead, she hasn’t seen the inside of a math class for 20 odd years…

  1. she need to stop it with the duck lips and she might look a lot better whit out all that makeup and the deep fake tan

  2. her stupid-ass lips go GREAT with her copius amount of forehead wrinkles. I thought those were referred to as “thought lines”…. but that can’t be right….

  3. @ homo..

    All you’re good at is talking shit and thinking your a bad ass. Come talk shit to my face you fucking worthless piece of shit. I bet your parents don’t even love you, all you are good at is wanking to gay internet porn and talking shit. Stupid ass mother fucker. Your ass is burning in hell, you
    Ignorant bitch, get a life and do something useful in your life.

  4. Why do bitches insist on pulling that fucking ridiculous “duck face” it just accentuates how fucking ugly they can be. Listen up, it is not fucking attractive. I can’t wait for the “new craze”, then there will be a rush to remove these embarrassing pictures from everywhere.

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