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    1. its a new LEGAL drug that you smoke. you can buy it at any tobacco/novelty shop. but i cant remember the name

    2. the legal drug is not new at all its been around for years. and its called salvia. its like smoking mushrooms and then having your trip hit you all at once and real hard. but it only last 15 to 30 min.

    3. fucking auch!
      so he is tripping really hard… and by it looks he is being raped by an invisble gnome!

    4. you shouldnt smoke mushrooms because the smoke can make you go BLIND and teas the best way anyways

    5. salvia divinorum lmao the high usually only last a few mins im surprised he musta smoked a shit load to bug like that

    6. I think what some-guy was referring to is something called “bath salts”. It is a new legal high but it has some pretty bad side effects. Many people have died smoking these “bath salts” and others have freaked out and got violent and have even killed other people.

      I would assume the guy in the video is not on salvia, but probably on these bath salts. I’ve seen people have bad trips off of salvia, but the way this guy is acting is WAY different than a bad trip.

    7. obviosly jowsimps has no clue how you can trip off mushrooms… psilocybin has to be digested in order for it to work. You CANT trip off mushrooms by smoking them, that just hurts your lungs and wastes your mushrooms. Idiots these days.

    8. taco’s right.. its not healthy at all either.. you can actually get infections in your lungs from it.. thing about it.. your inhaling combusted mold

    1. I’m just glad they’re not beating/tazing him. It’s rare to see cops actually, y’know, serving and protecting anymore.

  1. What’s the problem? I act like this every time I see a cop, I usually get a free ride to the methadone clinic, half a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

  2. hah i think ive freaked out like that on weed once..haha..just not screaming like that..i passed out like that tho

    1. It was at the point where she started explaining Saturday comes after Friday and he couldn’t take anymore

  3. Ok, should we stop speculating? We can’t tell what the hell that person tried.. be it salvia(although by the looks of it- it’s not) or other substance.

  4. This looks like a reaction to the new synthetic cannibinoids (JWH-018, JWH-073, and many, many more). Some people freak the fuck out on that shit. I’ve had to trip sit a few people. Personally, I’ve smoked too much before and gotten anxious, but I’m not a pussy and I can calm myself down. Its always over in 30 minutes. It COULD be salvia, but “salvia” isn’t really the big deal anymore, and those herbal incense are making killer money. If trippers wanna trip they buy some cid or shrooms

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