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    1. Funny thing is most of Texas’ governors were Democrats but went Republican since George Bush was in office in the 90’s and now Rick Perry has been in office WAY too long. Ann Richards was awesome though.

    2. Another proud Republican voter? Nah…Republicans work for a living. This guy looks like a total welfare getting, Democrat voting scumbag…just like you.

    3. Did your foodstamps and welfare check come in yet this month, Scrotumious? Don’t fret…tomorrow’s the first of the month. Then you and the rest of your Democrat voting, system sucking, slime trail leaving wastes of space can have a big ol’ time on the dime of the rest of us that actually work for a fekkin’ living.

  1. Now why is this considered redneck just because of the flag on it? I don’t consider this redneck so much as ghetto.

  2. wtf?? there is nothing redneck about that… Thats beaner style buddy. it would be jacked up with mickeys if it was redneck. Stupid suburbians-know nothing about the real heritage of America.

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