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    1. why “is” YOU so retarded apankoko… really. obviously it’s a joke, and obviously you need to get your grammer checked. good luck! xoxo

    2. you idiot i want to see you trying to learn some polish, they are pretty smart in fact…language increases or decreases IQ it seems in north america english is making people so stupid 🙂

    3. HEY!!! Don’t hate on North America! Hate on America, the USA sucks. Canada is still pretty awesome though, you want an example of our intelligence? Our economy is one of the best in the world right now (not THE BEST, but ONE OF the best). US = Stupid. Canada = Smart.

  1. will you be on my very successful dance team? we are world champs, p.s. I think im in love with you and I will be visiting poland soon lets meet up.

  2. i’m gonna come out and say it, i think that was an epic win.

    those are some fierce moves the guy is throwing. check him out online, he’s a genuine dance instructor and has taught all over the world so he clearly knows how to dance.

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