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    1. yea, and the filth goes all the way up to cover owner of tats. or this could be a black man on the left and a semi-white guy on the right…ewe

    2. dragonflylover; it’s just the excess ink that’s been wiped away, there’s more on his right hand ’cause more ink was used…

  1. The major fail is all the people who have never gotten a tattoo or never seen one being done commenting talking about dudes “dirty” hands. It is TATTOO INK!! I have five tattoos when you first get your tattoos done you can’t wash them for 1-2 hours so the excess ink that the tattoo artist doesn’t whip off stays there till you can wash your tattoo.

    2nd fail I see here is dudes f’ed up tattoo I thought I’ve seen some pretty bad tattoos, but man was I wrong.

    3rd fail is his foul ass nails.

    But again the worst fail I see is the ignorant people commenting about dude being dirty, when its just tattoo ink. Or whether dude is white or black, for all we know dude is Mexican. But what the hell does that matter, this pic is up to show a f’ed up tattoo not for ignorant people to judge whether he’s black or white.

    1. Just HAD to read the comments on THIS fucker!!! HAHAHAHA AAAAnd Devious WINS with comment WIN – fuckin’ aye, man… what’s with the black and white shit!!! HAHAHAH!!!! Side note, MAN what a fucked up tattoo – she-it, that mo-fo just bought himself a ’79 Audi from the junkyard and thinks he’s a pimp muther fucker now (that’s what ya get when you do too much Coke, kids!).

  2. Doesn’t look like a tattoo at all, hands aren’t even red from needle stabbing, prob just some permanent marker troll fail

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  4. Ok 1st of all: wtf why of all tats….they get that one…and if its marker ……still why?! 2nd: disgusting nails that’s just f*cked up and stupid…..

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