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  1. Guess he didn’t give it one brain cell of thought when he got that stupid tattoo. Sucks how his parents prbly went to the States for a better life and end up with this dumb shit for a son. Oh well…one less annoyance of the streets.

  2. “looking at photos of tattooed gang members”
    appearently its a common practice.
    some people are born to do shit then get caught.
    look at his stupid face.

  3. This is a compilation of fails…
    1- the punk arse SPIC cant grow any body hair , looks like a little bitch-girl
    2- what dumbass uneducated wet back would tattoo a confession on there scrawny body
    3- his moustache looks like an invite for a man-meat injection
    4- he is a wimpass peice of crap that isnt tough or smart enough not to be in a stupid wanna be gang

    1. And to add to the list of fails – uneducated stupid fuck – The tattoo reads, “Rivera Kills”. I had to read the intro to the article again to be sure he wasn’t, Rivera – HE is, Garcia… so it SHOULD read, “Rivera KillED” not Kills. HAHAHA dumb fucking bitch obviously couldn’t even speak or read English very well if at all. Heh, and the dumb “look” on his face is, “shit aNOTHER mug shot, but THIS time my tac is open for the cops to see!!! – I bet he NEVER rested good again after this mug shot was taken, just KNOWING some day this exact situation could pop up.

    2. Well…I still just do not get it. When given the chance at a better life in the States, why fuck it all up like this guy did? At least in the States the poor have help while in Mexico folks still live a life of uncertainty and pay taxes to a government notorious for making empty promises. I mean…some of their governors are paid more than our highest paid governors here…that says a lot. Anyway…homeboy fucked up. He deserves to be where he’s at…he wasted his chances.

    3. Dante , your 4 year degree from clown college must not have covered the english language. The 2 words seperate are descriptive , while putting them together gives you a NON word. So to correct you Mr Wet Back , it isnt a word at all. Now if your as clever as you wanted us to believe you would have corrected me for writing `wanna`, instead of want to…So in closing why dont you drag your skanky uneducated ass back to elementary school and finish grad 3. I know the first 4 years of of the third grade were tough , but if you stop sucking off the janitor in the closet , you may learn something. You and your limey boyfriend Sean need to get a life and a STD check , BWAHAHAHAHAHAH.

    4. Actually it was an accredited state university and yes it was a four-year degree with magna cum laude honors. I didn’t want to embarrass you too much or I would have stated how you also fucked up the words “there” (should have been “their”) and the word “peice” is obviously misspelled. It’s ok though, I would be upset too if I didn’t have an education, so I feel for you. Oh and laughing at your own “joke” is just a sign of how insecure you are if what you said is actually funny or not. That way at least one person laughed, yourself. Doesn’t matter what you say though, you’re still an uneducated PIECE of shit.

    5. Uh gawd… An another ass fucked random spic that spells ‘misspelt’ wrong cant say jack shit about his 4 year degree in dustbin motoring simply because he’s a moron.

      Here’s a question to ponder about how can Mr. Dante have any claim of inteligence the guy can’t spell and he’s standing up for a foolish meat-head who murdered and then boasts about it in a shitty ink-job around his body?
      Come on you can’t be serious and don’t go telling me I’m some uneducated person for it’s true I have not yet received a satisfactory amount of education since I’m only 15.
      But whey? At least I can spell.

    6. Wow you’re a fuckin’ idiot afroman. “Misspelled” and “misspelt” are interchangeable. *facepalm* And who the fuck said I was standing up for this guy? Quit assuming stupid shit, you’re making an ass of yourself.

    7. Hey idiots this dude isn’t Mexican he is Puerto Rican get your facts straight! He and his parents are American citizens pendejos!

  4. Ahhhh, Just as I suspected to find…Top Shelf, Primo racism here! The best America has to offer, mmmmmm, Excellent!

  5. I marvel at how tough so many of you talk with thousands of miles of internet between you. You sound like women talking sh*t on the phone.

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