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  1. This boys and girls is why gangs are retarded and pointless. A breeding ground of stupidity for alpha males with entirely too much time on their hands. Go out and get a job losers.

  2. every fucking college has the asian clubs that do this retarted shit. Then it ends up on the internet and makes them more confident.
    fuck my life

  3. Wow he actually thinks he’s good, and why is the crowed encouraging him? If I was there I would have thrown my cahir at him.

  4. Seriously… no one finds it a bit odd that an asian is singing, it dont matter if you’re black or white?

  5. pff… the best in the whole vid is that he is so pissed because the ruin his grat show with the wrong song…. hello?!?!

  6. LMAO @ iPinkSockedU, I instantly thought the same thing!!! This guy kills Will Hung, he should put out an album! It’s better than Rebecca Black!

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