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  1. Not a fan of hers but haters always flock to those who are successful. I mean, a multiple angke shot of her slipping in a concert? Fucking get over it you schmucks.

    1. People are just loathing her success. Its not funny, you’re right. Every celebrity falls every now and then + have you seen the 6 inch heels she wears? It’s kind of okay to fall in those. Just the fact she gets back up and continues is fine.

    1. aye like i said ..u need to shut the @$#& up because JUSTIN BIEBER BROKE his leg and he still KEPT the CONCERT going :)…so if i where u I WOULD SHUT UP :)becuase i bet he can handle more then u can 🙂

  2. so she wasnt even singing, it must suck when everyone pays to see her dance and fall around the stage and hear a cd playing.

    1. She always sings live, cut the bulls*it. See any video from her concert and you’ll see it. People are so dumb…like, I can tell you are dumb because you use an internet slang as your name. What will you name your child? OMFG?

    2. If she was truly “singing live”, then why did her voice continue on with the song as if nothing happened, but her BODY fell hard enough to knock the wind out of her sails. And, curiously, we heard NOTHING (no thud, no bang, no clink or clang) over her MICROPHONE. How do you explain THAT, “Replier”?

  3. WOW i like her as a artist.. i think that is the second one i saw. LADY GAGA made up for that one…but your supposed to be able to drink in order to go out their.

  4. this message is for shawmutt foo u need to shut up justin bieber BROKE his leg and still kept the concert going…so if i where u i would shut the flock up 🙂

  5. Also, i bet none of you guys could even walk in the heels she wear. I don’t see why any of you are comparing Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber together, the only thing they have in common is that there both girls.

    1. Because they’re both over-rated, under-talented pieces of shit who are only appreciated by retarded teenage girls and homosexuals? he have much in common…

  6. I would say she is definitely having an off day here. But as pointed at, at least she continued on despite the embarrassment.

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