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    1. LMAO , good for the mother. Her piece of shit kid is standing around in a wife beater beating some tribal drum and he cant even hold a beat. She should kick his waste of flesh ass to the curb. YOU GO MOMMA.

    2. Mom pwnd him pretty good. I wonder if he always knew she was gonna come in to shut him down? He kept looking at what I guess was the door like he was waiting for her. “I’m recording myself..” LOL Anyone out there who knows what she is saying to him?

  1. The voice of that woman, mannnnnn. Would make me either grab a rope and hang myself or smack the ever living shit out of her. But then again, I find all Indian speaking to be just as irritating.

    1. I find that your comment is irritating…u must be the type of person that don’t respect your mom in fact you probably cuss back!


  3. Translation; recording yourself? I’m trying to watch this fucking american idol infedel bullshit! Now give me 10 allah akbars and five hail osamas!

    1. Yea cuz they are muslim? you’re such white trash loser, thank god, only america is filled with trash

    2. I dont care what race they are it is still funny you dipshits i mean hail osama’s dont tight asses just laugh.

  4. Momma says, “Recording yourself? Don’t you know you’re in Uhmerica, now? You’re supposed to make stupid videos of setting yourself on fire or shooting a BB gun up your nose! Then when you graduate from that your supposed to shove a glass up your rectum and break it. Then pick the broken pieces out as your bleading to death. YOU FUCKWIT!!”

  5. way to go mother way to discipline your child good for you not like these american pussies afraid of their kids

    1. If their own way of disciplining their children and their culture was better, they wouldn’t be coming to the U.S. It’s priceless when third-world, uncivilized apes like you go to a Western country because you want what we have, but are too stupid and lazy to build it for yourself. Then you have the nerve to criticize us when you’re nothing but a low-life, useless, no good waste of space immigrant that nobody wants. And you have the nerve to want to implement the primitive medieval culture you hail from in our modern societies. We want to go ahead in time, thank you, not backwards. Fuck your primitive shit culture you parasite. When you go mingle in our lands, you are slowing down our development, lowering our life’s expectancy and standard of living.

    2. ya know i was gonna leave some comment on here to argue but fuck it. lol it’s the internet and no one gives a shit least of all me lmao i’m going out side to talk to real ppl

    3. Pay attention.
      “if their own way of disciplining their children & their culture was better they wouldnt be coming to the US..”

      Perhaps thats what the Native Americans said before they died of smallpox.

      “.you go to a Western country because you want what we have,but are too stupid and lazy to build it for yourself”

      You realize that everything made in China and all the IT guys are Indian ? Btw have you ever seen a graduating class @ M.I.T.? and whats with this “we” shit. You had NO part in making America great so save your paltry logic and nescient racism.

      “When you go mingle in our lands, you are slowing down our development…”

      Whens the last time any body invaded anything in the West?-that wasnt white/anglo saxon ? So who are the REAL parasites?

      “No good waste of space immigrant that no body wants ..”

      You do realize these same immigrants are paid by the same corporations that tell you to hate them all while lowering THEIR taxes IF they pay any at all ? Class is dismissed.

    4. SHUT THE FCUK UP RATATA! You just set CIVILIZED society back about 20 years you ignorant POS. Go catch up on your history you low-life, useless waste of space thief!

  6. actually, this is what she is saying, I speak the same language, LOL!

    mom: what are you doing
    boy: Im recording myself mommy
    mom: Stop that recording, get out, get out…(smacks him) Ive told you so many times (of the noise, tuck tucking, the neighbors will hear you, complaints (cant understand the rest, quality of video sucks)
    boy: he takes off the drum and slides down
    Mom: I tell you all the time to stop and you always do it, recording myself, you have nothing else to do. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?! Get up and go to your room

    1. Wow is that your idea of being shocking? There is a not so thin line between being funny and being stupid. Three guesses which side you’re on. Cm on you can do it!

    2. i find the order to be messed up. it should be rape torture then hang her. i figure you can still rape her afterwards but torturing her would be kind of….wait what is this video about now? some kid being yelled at by his father?

  7. Lmao love how some of you pathetic ignorant retards don’t even know the difference between an indian and someone from the middle east… pull your pimpled heads out of your asses dipshits.

  8. I have the translation…stop pounding that thing and get to the 7-11…’s time to clean the SSSSLLLARRRPEE machhhheeen

  9. LOL @ the mum she says, what do you think your doing, the neibours are going to complain again, and the police will be called, she then tells him to man up and stop and get inside, he says i’m recoeding my self and she goes what are u now some kind of big business man gonna make money from this crap lol.

    this is panjabi, indian. nothing else.

  10. I know that dude, he works at the 7/11 near my house. He also works at the 7/11 near my work, and the one downtown. As a matter of fact I’ve seen that rag head mother fucker at ever 7/11 I’ve visited in the past 10 years.

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