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    1. could be worse… i got sent home in the 3rd grade for wearing a budwieser shirt haha

  1. If she could read she’d know Financial Aid and working Mickey D’s would be her only chance at college. Bet that’d wipe some of that smile off.
    Beautiful kid, though.

    1. Ah! The emperor has spoken! “No skoolin’! Jes’ koke out! Gramma and Grampa kin foot tha bill!”
      Yeah, people that have Ma and Pa to foot their bills can afford to coke out. How much of Mom and Pops money did you waste on crack in the last week to rationalize that statement to yourself, Nero?

  2. This isn’t a total fail. Band shirt, with his little sister. Or daughter but he looks young and she looks too old. Just a fail for actually wearing that shirt for a picture. Make yourself look decent.

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