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    1. Dog Star , is it just us , or are all of these `first`fucks , cousins from the Ozarks who fight with each other to see who gets to have sex with there sisters FIRST.

  1. dog star u have a small dick stfu if he wants to put first let him u guys just look like chodes when u say stuff like tht are you mad ur not first lol

  2. What do you expect when most of the people giving the tattoo’s might have made it through high school.

    Though at a quick first glance I thought it said; Hoppy’ness and thinking he had a thing for rabbits.

  3. Damn white ppl get brave over tha internet..they’d be da first muh fuckaz to lock all dey car doors if dey see a big Terry Crews ass muh fucka get close..smh (Second Comment)

  4. it doesnt matter how its spelt
    if you get tats, you are an idiot and likely closet cock pirate
    and suspected ass bandit

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