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  1. you idot now im really angry.
    you climbed there cos u cant flip on the ground. eh?
    you cant flip on the groun cos u are shit at it.
    u are shit and u could hit the ground right ?
    u could hit the groud still u are recording it.
    oh u think it was a misfortune.
    hım… fair enough. do you want the whole world to see it?
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh im bored of myself.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. this is a troll fail but I said it out loud and laughed after so this comment is ambivalent with me

  2. The sound as his back hits the floor is epic! I always thought that the word “Ugh!” didn’t make much sense as a sound but now I understand.

  3. the wood that broke, actually saved him from maybe breaking his back or neck and being parallyzed..
    hope he learns from his bullshit… noone deserves to have that kind of injury.

  4. i started watching this thinking “i know how it will end but i’ll watch it anyway”…. XD THIS WAS EVEN BETTER THEN I EXPECTED

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