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    1. Hey dude , just because you like the man-meat injection slammed into your mouth , doesnt mean you have to act like some fake tanned whore. Grow some balls and be a man….those faggy duck lips wouldnt even make a true homo hard. Nothing but a rabid dog would wanna fuck your std laden ass.

    2. @ MB,
      LOL…Well dude in pic still looks gay as hell. Kind of makes me think of a fag terminator with that red eye.

    3. i got to agree with MB

      Been tracking ur (allah is a homo) ridiculous comments for a while.

      And also I really hope some moslim hacks u, looks up ur adress and comme and beat the blasphemy out of u :D.
      U just don’t choose that kind of names ( no i’m not a moslim )

    4. “Been tracking ur (allah is a homo) ridiculous comments for a while.”

      Tracking, better known as “stalking”. Creepy.

  1. Is there a like button for what Fred just said? and also he looks a bit like an Avatar but with Orange skin :L!

  2. Can this “guy” find any more ways to be gay? Well, OK maybe if he had a cock in his mouth. I’m sure two seconds before and after the pic was taken he swallowed one or two guys. He is the poster child for Gay. So if gay was what he is going for than this is a win. A huge gay win.

  3. Hahahahahhahahaha that make me life so much is me on the picture ?? So imature lol HATER MAKE FAMOUS hahahahhahah loser 🙂 xoxoxoxoox

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