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    1. lmao i grew that bud 🙂 love doing that to ppl, dont tell them theres hash AND honey oil in it and they get fuuucked up

  1. Dear fat guy,
    We’d like to remind you of the fact that the internet never forgets.
    Yours sincerely,
    the interwebz

    1. Let the fat dude get high, why do you have to hate? Maybe if you smoked some, you wouldn’t be such a bitch.

    2. I agree. He probably stinks up the whole building. I hate the pothead neighbors on my floor. >:|

  2. I was gonna sing a song, but I got high.
    Was gonna youtube me singing the song, but I got high.
    Now I’m a laughingstock, and I know why.
    ‘Cause I got high, ’cause I got high, ’cause I got high.
    Da da da da da da da

    1. I say March 30th. It would work out good for me in regards to gettnig things done at work and time off before the weekend. So it may be more a wish than a prediction.

  3. first, god damn let me find that shit. and FUCK all you people that call us pothead like we are ashamed. I SMOKE POT AND IM PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i dont smell up you building and i respect you enough to do it in my home and not outside so kiss my ass.

  4. WTF… you ppl call this a fail? Here I am, prayin all kinds of weird ass gods for something that can last more then 15 minutes, and that fucker gets taken out after one hit? God…. I wish!

    But the REAL -WIN- part was the ending, first thing he said after waking up: “Where the fuck d’the blunt go?”

  5. He passed-out because he’s a fat fuck with no lung capacity. He filled his tiny lungs with shit and had no room for oxygen. A little fucking exercise might help the dumb-ass to enjoy a better high.

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