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    1. holy snap , they are some big ass ugly lips. Did she just get a beat down from her pimp.

    1. Well, I’d still do her. And at least those lips are natural. Unlike these wannabe puckering Fuckbook bitches that look so stupid.

    2. Ya know…Funny thing is what ya said is supposed to be the fail but MAN…her lips just draw so much attention.

    3. OMG – is that fantasia or smthg? cause backround a woman who i quess her mom or sister or or or … GOD what a fuck mind.. lol

    4. i honestly didn’t notice her lips until i started reading the comments. maybe because i’m not a filthy bigot.

    5. I like her lips and think she should be proud of them. Atleast she doesn’t have these little, thin monkey lips like us white folks. And she doesn’t have to do all that plastic surgery shit to puff them up. I may be a racist, if that’s the label you all want to give me, but I LIKE THEM DAMNED LIPS! I LIKE THEM EYES AND I DON’T CARE ABOUT HER TAKING AN INNOCENT PICTURE IN THE HOSPITAL! No one has proven that she took the picture to promote herself while her relative was undergoing anything or dying or anything. So, what? Get over it! There are millions of white girls that wish they had SOMETHING of a lip rather than their paper thin flappers anyway. Look over this site and you’ll only prove my point with all this puckering up shit that white girls do.
      Now, all you KKK fucks BRING IT ON!
      Now, excuse me while I go masturbate and try to calm down.

  1. The facebook photo description reads: “Mee and ma auntie afta her chemo therapy. hope she it doesn’t make ma weave hair fall off.”

  2. Sickening that the bitch only thinks about herself when someone right behind her is on there fucking death bed fuck that little negress

    1. ‘least with dark skin black women ya don’t have to see a thing in a dark bedroom…well, except for the whites of her eye and her bottom lip.

    1. Good call Dog Star , but with lips like those wouldnt you worry that the suction would tear your tool right off.

    2. Guess I should be scared. I heard black chicks are animals in the sack. Least she can’t bare her teeth with those nigga-lips.

    3. LMAO , never thought of that Dog Star , no tooth action , that just may be the way to go my friend.

    1. Hey Awesome-o , this is what this site is for. Hence the name FAIL. If your looking for love and a hug , you need to go elsewhere. . . .BTW Gog , I still think your a troll , so dont get any foolish ideas about me defending you.

  3. I don’t get it. Was she taking this picture, so she would have proof of where she was, so her parole officer wouldn’t get suspicious?

    1. shut your trap, you little fag. I’d bet it feels good and safe to be hiding behind a computer screen while talking shit about other’s religions.

  4. WTF is up with all the racist comments, gezz. Yes she has big lips, soo what. I am sure some of you people on here have the thinnest lips the world has ever seen.
    PLUS The fail is the fact that she is taking a picture in a hospital while there is a sick person in the background.

  5. why are people stuck on her lips? really go watch a porno anyways this picture does belong here she isnt taking a pic just anywhere thats im sure her mom sick how in the hell is it okay to take a picture at that moment tsk tsk tsk

  6. come on that is her facebook profile pic. her mom is in the gurney dying . AWWWW MEMORIES,, LIKE THE CORNER OF MY LIFE.

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